Day 16 ... Our second rest day and just in time!

The team had a great evening last night and some of the younger group pushed the limit a bit - nevertheless everyone was up at a reasonable time but not ahead of the GECOTRANS “couriers” who arrived in the early hours of the morning. Thanks again to Suzette, Malcolm, Martin and most of all Kerry and the Gecotrans team for making this happen.

What a fantastic sunrise over Lake Meru. We all had breakfast (at different times) - sorted out our laundry and washed gear and then under Mike Puzey’s watchful eye, the team worked through the bikes changing out fuel pumps, cleaning filters and Mike replaced Mark’s clutch plates ready for the next challenge!!! Mark spent most of his day on his e-mails and attending to his day job as he does, however he did pop-out from time to time to attend Mike’s lectures on bike maintenance and to assist with managing issues requiring some intervention!!!

The team also found time to do some jet-skiing and spend a bit of time in the sun - so a good recharge day and everyone is ready to get on the road again.

We all owe the Pwetu Lodge team a big thank you for all the assistance and hospitality afforded the team and if anyone wants to visit a beautiful setting in a wild part of Africa this is definitely worth a visit. Also another thankyou to John and his team and Didi and the MD team for all the work and assistance to get us through the challenges post day 14 and day 15.

Tomorrow is a 330km haul and overnight in Lubumbashi which everyone is looking forward to.


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big up
all is well ends well, that is the spirit boys. all the best and may you all stay healthy, am with you all step of the way. good luck

by Natasha on June 17 2016, 10:07
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Keep up the spirit!
I'm happy to hear that you are all safe and in one piece!

by Narmin Somji on June 17 2016, 14:27
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Hi Guys, you seem to be having a terrific experience.......A few things........Are you finding the people exceptionally friendly and excited about you travelling through their country? How would you comapre the development in your part of Africa . .more

by GOOLK on June 17 2016, 19:57
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Pwetu Lodge
Looks like a great place!
Glad you all got some sort of rest.

by sheila craig on June 18 2016, 09:20
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Great news
Apart from all the spare parts coming, hearing you got to jet-ski and chill is really heart-warming! It's a terrific team effort and real credit to all involved.

by Robin_Uganda on June 18 2016, 16:29
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