Day 3 ... the end of the beginning!

So day three is behind us and another 626km and 12.5 hours for Mark, Rob, Quinton, Charles and Paul. Mike and Rolfe, with Raph and Cyrille who stayed behind to help, took 14.5 hours after Rolfe’s bike broke down just outside Lira.

Sheila with Noeleen and Kirsty got in on 13 hours after stopping off to hand out shirts, caps and soccer balls to 4 groups of mums and children from the Ugandan Langi tribe who were internally displaced during the Joseph Kony war (LRA)  which started in 1986 and is still simmering in parts of DRC and the CAR.

The day started with a quick breakfast and an early and fresh 6.30 start from our hotel and a 30 minute drive to Turbo where we were welcomed by the One Heart Foundation band, staff and children. The foundation was started during the 2007/2008 election violence which displaced and orphaned many children in that region. The foundation houses and schools 75 children and aspires to get to 100. We were spoilt with the school band and choir, which was amazing - no music, just beautiful young voices all singing in harmony. Philippe handed out a donation to support the securing of further ground and completion of another school wing. This foundation holds the belief that “together we can end the poverty cycle…one child at a time” - I urge to look up their website and see just what good work is being done at

Then the Kenya - Uganda border which, supported by the Freight Forwarders team, was a very smooth experience. One bit of information - it takes 48 hours on a good day to get a truck through the border post and we have approximately 120 a week travelling through to Kibali from Mombasa!

So we got across the border at 2pm with another 440km to go and that takes character! Anyway, despite the challenges with Rolfe’s bike, we all got into the Bwana Tembo lodge on the edge of Lake Albert and, after a cold Nile Special beer, all went away.

Dinner was a fantastic fillet and great wine - thanks again to the Randgold logistics team. We were joined by Robin, another amazing person who joined the Family Care NGO in 2001. Again it was a privilege to be able to support the great work being done with orphans,  children of child  soldiers  and disadvantaged children.  It is run by full-time non-salaried volunteers, thrilled with the potential of Uganda and working together with others to make a difference. Check out the website:

We think today was tough but it has nothing in comparison to what the children we have met have been through. We thank you all who have given so generously in helping us to support those special people across Africa that work so hard to save our children and the mothers of our special continent who are neglected and so often abused by society!

Tomorrow we get through the border into DRC and leave the tar roads behind for a few weeks.


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day 3
Roll on guys, what an experience!

by JOHN OOSTY on June 04 2016, 18:26
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