The past is behind: The future is ahead: the question is are we prepared for it.

Its Sunday afternoon, 29 May and just two days left before we head out on our ” Safari kwa Afrika Bora ride” with departure from Mombasa set for first light on Tuesday. The Chairman of the Nos Vies en Partage Foundation, Philippe Lietard, arrived in Mombasa on Sunday and will be travelling with the bikers for the first 2 days of the trip. Tonight, six of the seven ‘boyz on bikes’, Rob, Paul, Mike, Quinton, Rolfe and Mark catch the Kenyan airways flight out of Johannesburg to Nairobi just after midnight and then on to Mombasa. Charles, the seventh team member, flies into Mombasa to join us on Monday evening. The bikes are all packed out in Mombasa as you can see from the pictures, waiting for us to complete the finishing touches ahead of the start. The advance team lead by Ken and Naila (and the Freight Forwarders Group) with the support from Lois’ and Cyrille’s teams out of Johannesburg and Kinshasa, have been making final arrangements with regards to the events leading up to 1 June departure day, and the logistics around the first 4 days through Kenya and Uganda. Its been a long time coming but the day has arrived when we need to get going!!! – no more time for planning or preparing or engineering any more “after market” add-ons or changes to the bikes! As usual we have too many bits and pieces and so the next two days is going to be about what we take and what we leave behind!


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Good luck!
Good luck to all the Boyz; ride safely ... Look forward to the updates. xxxx

by Glynis on May 31 2016, 19:10
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good luck wish u all the best

by sahed herve on June 05 2016, 22:43
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