“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

A year after our epic trip down the west coast of Africa from Abidjan to Cape town, the third in a series of rides that took us up the east coast from Cape Town to Cairo in 2009 and then from Bagshot to Budapest via Bamako to finish in Abidjan in 2012, it was time to start planning our next ride. A ride across Africa to highlight the plight of its woman and children that are so often left behind by society.

So I was sitting with the Kibali team in north eastern DRC and I brought up the subject –“what should we do next?” it was suggested what about across Africa from east to west and so it started. Our general manager of the Kibali mine, Charles Wells, an intrepid extreme junky immediately said he would like to be part of such a “safari”. I called my friend Rob Alexander and asked him what he thought and his mediate response was “count me in!!” and the same with Paul Weingartz, Rob’s son- in-law. Next call was to Craig, my youngest son, who had to decline as he had to complete his MBA in May and the next big step was for him to join the “working class”! Grant, my eldest, can also not afford the time off as a relatively new employee with not a lot of leave available!

So I spoke to my aviation buddy, Quinton Warne, who is a mad motor-cross biker and he did not even hesitate and then his partner Rolf Brauteseth also signed up. Now the question was- what bike were we going to use? Quinton introduced me to Mike Puzey of the well-known house of PUZEY, an amazing husband and wife team who are the only manufacturer of motorcycles in South African history. Mike is a real deal biker who can wheely the Husqvarna 701 for hundreds of metres and he also owns Bikers Warehouse. You can find out more on the following websites:



Really worth a look!


So now we had the Team – 7 BOYZONBIKES but no bike selection.


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My dear friends,
Your rides and generous hearts have so inspired me to go on the unbeaten path and seek to bless others as I go. My love and blessing to you all. Lucy

by Lucy yinda on August 03 2016, 07:54
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